Recently, Adobe has introduced a public version of Photoshop CS6. The last six months on the web, from time to time, there were official video presentations with a demonstration of the new features of graphic editor, but now, users have the opportunity to personally evaluate all the new features and enhancements. The best part of the beta version of what is to work with it does not require a serial number, just register for free from Adobe.

- Updated interface

Despite the fact that changes in one way or another are included in each version of Photoshop interface, graphical editor hasn�t had such a serious upgrade in appearance for all of its more than twenty years history of existence. Designers did a great job: it was re-painted about 1800 icons and 250 cursors.

- Saving in the background

Download new Photoshop software, which is faster and brighter. Largely due to the fact that it has finally learned how to save files in the background. Background saving is enabled by default, so no additional steps to activate this feature, are unnecessary. Background saving can be estimated, for example, when working with large files.

- Crop tool

Cropping images - this is one of the most popular operations in Photoshop, so the Crop tool does not cease to evolve. In the previous version of the graphical editor has been improved cropping frame (the one with a dashed line, constructed in accordance with the rule of thirds), and in Photoshop CS6 cropping has gotten even more significant improvements.

- Content-Aware Patch and Content-Aware Move

In Photoshop CS5 has been given the opportunity to Content-Aware Fill, which allows to remove the selected object in the image, used to fill the pieces of the picture. The main convenience of Content-Aware Fill - fully automatic operation, the user has only to identify unwanted objects. However, hence the main drawback - the software could select the fill pattern incorrectly.

- Automatic tuning of basic picture settings

Means to adjust the brightness and contrast can be found almost everywhere, even in the most simple editor or viewer of image files. However, in Photoshop, basic picture settings are still performed manually.